The Masters in Policy and Planning for Cities, Environment and Landscape (PPCEL) is a university graduate taught jointly by the University of Girona (Catalunya), the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Catalunya), University of Sassari – Alghero (Italy), University IUAV of Venice (Italy) and the University of Lisbon (Portugal). The master is regulated by an agreement between all rectories and gives access to a unique set of qualifications for the universities involved.

This master was created with previous collaborations in various educational and research projects between the departments of Geography of the Catalan universities, with the departments of Urban Planning of the Italian universities, and the department of Architecture at University in Lisbon.

Aims of the master

The goal of the study programme is to provide the know-how for planning and policy making.

Issues as integration, environmental, economic and social sustainability are the main study focus. Students of the Master will analyse, plan and evaluate the following thematic areas:

  • analysis, representation and interpretation of landscape and environmental problems in territorial transformation;
  • developing scenarios and environmental policies that help to protect, enhance, upgrade and reclaim the territory and the landscape;
  • developing plans and programmes with special focus on preserving environmental resources;
  • promoting models anchored on environmental education, partnerships and certification;
  • monitoring and evaluating transformation processes with tools that can meet refernce theories and “measure” the mechanisms and results;
  • managing and auditing of environmental activities, coordinating specialists in different fields and from different cultural background


The two year Master programme in “Planning & Policies for City, Environment and Landscape” foresees 120 ECTS (each credit being equivalent to 25 hours). Students will simultaneously gain two university titles: one is a joint-title in “Planning & Policies for City, Environment and Landscape”; the other is a postgraduate course either in “City and Environment: planning and policies” at the University Iuav of Venice in Italy, Planning at the University of Sassari – Alghero, in “Architecture” at the University of Lisbon in Portugal, or the master in “Medio Ambiente” at the University of Girona in Spain, or the master “Estudis Territorials i de la Poblaciò” at the University UAB in spain.

At the beginning of their activity, the students are called to select the University Institution of the Consortium in which they will attend the first year of the postgraduate course.

The Master training runs over a period of four semesters and offers a range of specializations to choose from. To obtain the European Master degree, students will have to attend courses, pass exams and spend a semester abroad. The University partners provide a range of module combinations (disciplinary and thematic) that can be combined into different educational profiles.

Admission Criteria

As minimal requirement, the applicant should be in possession of a first degree (180 ECTS) in the fields of urban planning, architecture, geography, tourism, economics, business administration, or other relevant subject in social or human sciences.