CASCAIS · 2013

International Workshop: “Carcavelos and Cascais front-riverside, Periurban areas and natural parks, Mobility, coastline, tourism and leisure

02 > 13 September 2013

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The program refers to the thematic domain of teaching and learning Urban and Regional Planning and Environmental Planning and Protection. It has a general aim to assess impacts and consequences on periurban areas, in a context of human pressure, climate change and economic and evolution uncertainty. In this context, natural areas conservation, environment risk factors, urban and transportation energy saving policies and regeneration of periurban areas are main themes of study. Climate change impacts on urban and territorial use and organization and in landscape transformation will be studeid as a way to identify new urban paradigms and applied solutions to be use in innovative urban and regional planning process.

The course program will be carry out focusing attention on the fragile urban, coastal and natural park areas under strong human pressure, in Lisbon Metropolitan Area and on the adjusted management of those areas in a climate change context. In the first part of the workshop, students introduced the definition of urbanized areas and the correspondent territorial resilience, with the support of local experiences and case-studies and expert contributors.

In the second part, students developed, in team work activity, strategies and proposal of adaptation and mitigation effects, after the definition of local landscape and urban charaterization and the identification of their transformation dynamics.