International Workshop: “CLIMATE CHANGE AND PLANNING, Environmental and Historical Geo-Park of Sardinia

11 > 23 July 2011


The general aim is the consideration of planning paradigms in contexts where human pressures are increasing, and changes in natural phenomena are accompanied by uncertainty and risk. The specific aim is the study of the latest innovations produced in theoretical and practical planning, with regard to climate change. The second year of the IP focuses on the synergies with traditional planning tools, putting the students in front of a “holding operation” analysis of the apparatus at regional scale plans. Maintaining a comparative approach, whereby students and teachers from different countries bring with them specific case studies, it traces and reconstructs the process of plan, with increased attention to the issues of climate change.

Project Themes
Each student is a part of a workgroup, that will develop a project at different scales (architectural, urban, regional) and regarding different themes. The project must be not only sustainable, but also sustained by evaluations, critics, models, techniques, and instruments that can help in “measuring” the project effects on multiple dimensions (spatial, environmental, social, and economic), in time and in potentialities of activating new local economies. The field of work is the island of San Pietro, an extreme situation in which effects of Climate Change can affect human life. Main themes (and workgroups) will be devoted to the strategies of adaptation and mitigation of Climate Change effects:

  •  Institutional and organisational issues, decision and management;
  •  Sea level rising, and effects on shorelines;
  •  Salt intrusion, desertification, and effects on soil and water;
  •  Fire protection and emergency plans;
  •  Energetic issues.