International Workshop: “CLIMATE PROOF PLANNING. Innovative polices and tools for urban water management in Philadelphia

17 > 23 April 2016

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The international workshop is part of the university activities within the cluster / lab cities and climate change and promoted by Planning & climatechange Lab. The workshop is to strengthen the collaboration between the University Iuav of Venice and the Drexel University of Philadelpia.
The City of Philadelphia in partnership with Drexel University has long been engaged in the study and experimentation of policies for adaptation and mitigation to the CC within the city’s urban fabric.
The workshop has placed students in a position to study the policies and adaptation techniques used by the local authorities. Students have worked on a proposal for a town planning project for the integration of adaptation policies to climate change.
The workshop was aimed at enhancing knowledge of adaptation and mitigation strategies to CC, both in terms of regional policies, which applied urban planning technique.

Specifically, the students have been working on:

– Urban resilience to CC;
– Urban hydraulic vulnerability;
– Definition of adaptation strategies to CC
– Structuring of resilient green infrastructure to CC