Prof. Matelda Reho | Academic Board

image002Full Professor at Iuav in "Economics and Rural valuation." She teaches Landscape and Rural Policies and Environmental Policies in the undergraduate and master programs of the University Iuav of Venice. She was Director of the Department of Planning (2000-2006), Iuav University Vice Rector (2006-2009) and Territorial Planning Department Head (2010-2012). She performed teaching and research activities at the universities of Barcelona (UAB), Girona, Lisbon (UTL), Thessaloniki, La Plata and Santiago de Chile. Currently she is coordinator of the European Master in Planning and Policies for city, environment and landscape (Iuav University). Her current research interests include the construction of policies for rural and local development, with particular reference to the agricultural landscape and the production of ecosystem services. She analyses the interactions of land use planning and land policy, focusing on synergies between different instruments and on the level of social innovation inherent in some local practices.

Prof. Francesco Musco | Academic Board

francesco-muscoAssociated Professor at Iuav, urban and regional planner, holds a PhD in Analysis and Governance of Sustainable Development (University Ca’ Foscari, Venice). Associate Professor in Spatial and Environmental Planning at the IUAV University of Venice, in the past years he also taught Environmental Ethics (University of Bologna) and Urban Polices (University of Parma).
Dean of the Erasmus Mundus Master Course on Maritime Spatial Planning (EMMCMSP) . During the last years he oriented his research to the relationship between urban and environmental planning with sustainability, with particular attention to the tools to implement local policies sustainability oriented. This research stream has been particularly connected with activities committed by public sector (local and regional bodies) or NGO: Climate Protection Planning, Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA), Evaluation of public policies, Climate change and local development. Scientific coordinator and project manager of different European and cooperation projects: EU South East project “Natreg – developing with nature” (2009-2011), EU Central Europe “UHI Urban Heat Island – Development and application of mitigation and, adaptation strategies and measures for counteracting, the global Urban Heat Islands phenomenon” (2011-2014), int. cooperation Veneto Region “Economic and sustainable development in the framework of the new territorial planning assesment in the wetland of Humedal Abras de Mantequilla in Ecuador” (2011-2015). Among his recent publication: van Staden M., Musco F. (2010), Local Government and Climate Change, Springer, New York. email:

Prof. Giuseppe Piperata

image002Associate professor of administrative law at the University Iuav of Venice. He also teaches in schools of specialization and master of other universities (Bologna, Calabria, Rome La Sapienza, Roma Tre, Urbino).
He specialized in administrative law and administration science at the University of Bologna and a PhD from the University of Trento.
He spent periods of study and research at the Universitat de Barcelona and has been teaching and doing seminars at several foreign universities including the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. He was Professor invited at the Universidad de Externado de Colombia (2004), at Universidad internacional Menendez Palayo (2008), at Universidad A. Hurtado de Santiago de Chile and at Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso (2010). He participated in several national and European research projects.
He is a member of scientific committees and editorial staff of several magazines, including Aedon - Arts and online rights, Munus, and The institutions of federalism.
He participated in a number of ministerial committees and currently is president of the Consulta of statutory guarantee of the Emilia-Romagna Region and president of the Guarantee Committee for the administrative correctness of the province of Venice.

Prof. Stefano Stanghellini

foto-stanghellini-657x360.jpegFull Professor and Architect, since 2000 at the University Iuav of Venice, where holds the courses Economic evaluation of the project. At the University Iuav of Venice was the first researcher (since 1984) and then Associate Professor (since 1992).
From 1995 to 2004 he was Professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Ferrara.
From 2003 to 2005 he was Professor of Economic evaluation of projects at the Cesena Faculty of Architecture of the University of Bologna.
He has given master classes and seminars at undergraduate and postgraduate of numerous Italian and foreign universities, and at masters, seminars, study days aimed at technicians and professionals administrations.
He was president of the National Urban Institute (INU) 1993-2001.
It was part of the commission established by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (1999) for the preparation of explanatory circular on urban development companies (STU) and, on the nomination of the Board of Public Works, he was a member of the Committee at the Board of was that wrote the Consolidated law on expropriation for public utility (2000-01).


Prof. Mita Castañer Vivas | Academic Board

castanerProfessor at UdG, through her research and professional activities (linked to different public administrations), her main work has been specialized in spatial planning and urbanism, where she has been working together with other professionals, in urban and regional planning. She has supervised different research projects regarding the Catalan urban network dimension and performance, and local development. Recently, she has studied and analysed territorial conflict processes, as well as territorial change and development in bordering areas. She teaches in the degrees in Geography and Environmental Sciences, and in the Master in Environmental Change: Analysis and Management. Currently, she manages the Master in Environmental Change: Analysis and Management; she is the main researcher and supervisor in the Territorial and Environmental Analysis and Planning Research Group, and the director of the Geography and Territorial Thinking Chair.

Prof. Joan Vicente Rufí | Academic Board
Prof. Josep Calbó Angrill

calboProfessor in the Department of Physics  at UdG, graduated in Physics from the University of Barcelona, UB (1988) and obtained the PhD from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, UPC (1993). He has been a postdoctoral researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA) and a visiting scholar at other institutions in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Russia. He has been Director of the Institute of Environment of UdG (2000-2003), and has directed the PhD and Masters in Environment. He has also served as Vice-rector of Research and Transfer (2008-2013).  He takes part of the Environmental Physics Group, and focuses his research on radiation in the atmosphere and the interactions between radiation, clouds and aerosols, in the context of the current problem of climate change. He also has interests on renewable energy sources (wind, solar) and the regionalization of climate projections. He has participated in about 20 research projects, having directed 10 of these, he has published more than 50 papers in scientific journals, more than 20 book chapters and has presented over 100 papers at international conferences. In addition, to date he has directed five doctoral theses.  His teaching experience spans over 20 years, during which he has taught especially Fundamentals of Physics of various engineering studies. He has coordinated the subject of Meteorology and Climatology within the studies of Environmental Sciences. At postgraduate level, he has participated in doctorate courses, and especially in Master courses, both at the University of Girona (Master of Environment, Master of Environmental Change: analysis and management) and at UB (Master in Ecology , Management and Restoration of Natural Environment) and UPC (Master in Environmental Engineering).  Member of the Expert Group on Climate Change in Catalonia, member of the Advisory Board of the Meteorological Service of Catalonia and editor of "Tethys, journal of meteorology and climatology of the Mediterranean". Member of the Specific Commission of Assessment in the field of Sciences, of AQU Catalonia.

Prof. Josep Daunis i Estadella

josep-daunis-estadellaAssociate Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Statistics at UdG, had a degree in mathematical sciences (UAB) and a PhD in the program of Statistics and Operations Research (UPC) within the framework of factorial analysis and, more specifically, within correspondence analysis and problems related with their inertia. His teaching focuses on both basic statistics and more advanced statiscal methods in multivariate statistics analysis: factorial methods and clustering.  The research focuses on three areas:      analysis of compositional data , where he has published theoretical contributions to the development of specific methodology for compositional data and applications in different fields: geology , archeology, animal welfare...     methods of data fusion , which seeks to integrate information from large databases with applications to health data merging health examinations and surveys or data consumption and media audience.     applications of statistics in medical research , specifically in the fields of radiology and medical imaging of heart attacks, stroke and cardiovascular diseases.  He has published in various journals: Computers & Geosciences, Computational Statistics, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, American Journal of Neuroradiology, Journal of Neuroimaging...  He is a member of the research group GREAD (Research Group on Statistics and Data Analysis ) research group distinguished by the Government of Catalonia . Among other positions , he has been vice-director of the Polytechnic School and secretary of the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics .  He is currently coordinator of the university entrance exams (PAU) and access responsible of the University of Girona .

Prof. Rosa M. Fraguell Sansbelló


Prof. Emili García-Berthou

emili-garcia-berthouProfessor of Ecology at UdG, educated at University of Barcelona (Bachelor and Master degree) and in 1988 Ph.D. at University of Girona, 1994.

Prof. Carolina Martí Llambrich

carolina-martiProfessor at UdG, PhD in Geography, specialised on Planning and Environmental Management (UdG, 2005). From 2001 she is a member of the Department of Geography, in the University of Girona, where she is lecturing in the degree of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management; in the degree of Environmental Sciences; and the degree of Tourism, as well as in the Master of Environmental Change: analysis and management; in the Master of Tourism: Management and Planning; and in the Master in Science and Water Technology.  She is a member of the research group "Laboratory of Landscape Analysis and Management" (UdG) and the Institute of Environment (UdG).  Given its expertise in Geographic Information Systems, analysis and management of coastal areas, and relations between tourism and the use / consumption of natural resources, their research focuses on the study of the transformation of the landscape, especially in coastal areas, and in designing integrated strategies to management and develop a sustainable coastal tourism. In this area, she has published several book chapters and various research papers in indexed journals as Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Journal of Coastal Research, Journal of Geography, Ocean and Coastal Management, Environmental Management as well as national journals as Ería or Documents d'Anàlisi geogràfica.  She has participated in many research projects at international, national and regional levels, which include: "Models of Integrated Tourism in the Mediterranean" (EU INTERREG IV A, 2014-2015), "Exploring the resilience of beaches within the process of global change: risks and opportunities"(MECO, 2014-2016),"Methodologies and knowledge to validate a new integrated model of beaches management as an aim of ICZM"(MICINN 2010-2012),"Synergies between landscape and tourism in Costa Rica "(AECI, 2008-2009),"Protection and tourist value of archaeological sites in the region of Piracicaba (Sao Paulo)"(AECI, 2007-2009), "Functional delimitation of conservation elements as an objective of integrated coastal zone management: the main ecological structure"(MEC, 2006- 2009); "Landscape catalogues of Camp de Tarragona and Girona region" (Landscape Observatory of Catalonia and DPTOP, 2005-2008); "Methodology of beaches valuation as a support of integrated coastal management in Tourist Regions" (Ministry of Education and Science from 2003 to 2006) and "Mapping the transformation of the coastal landscape of Catalonia in the period 1800-2000" (Ministry of Science and Technology, 2002-2005).

Prof. Josep Pintó Fusalba


Prof. Anna Ribas Palom

anna-ribas-palomAssociated Professor in the Department of Geography  and the Institute of the Environment at  the University of Girona (Spain).  His research interests include the analysis of socioterritorial dimension of water and water management in the Mediterranean areas

Prof. Isabel Salamaña Serra


Prof. Diego Varga Linde


Prof. Josep Vila Subirós

josep-vila-subirosProfessor of Physical Geography, PhD in Geography (2000), member of the Department of Geography and the Environment Institute of the University of Girona. He has been director of the Institute for Environment from 2008 until 2016. Member of the Research Group "Environment and Geographic Information Technologies" led by Dr. Anna Ribas.  He has focused his research on landscape ecology and protected natural areas, fields where he has published a lot of books and articles.


Prof. Silvia Serreli | Academic Board

0_-silviaAssociate Professor of the Department of Architectures Design and Planning, University of Sassari. Italian Masters Degree in Civil Engineering, Urban Planning. Member of the editorial staff for the series of publications “Urban and Landscape Perspectives” published by Springer, Editor for the series of books “Metodi del Territorio/SAGGI” published by Franco Angeli. She is a member of PhD School in Architecture and Environment of the University of Sassari. In 2014 she was the Director of the International Master “Waterscape” with Laval University.  She is a lecturer, researcher and consultant in the areas of Urban and Environmental Planning and Landscape Design. In particular she works on urban and environmental projects in low-density settlements, and on urban effects of migrant's social inclusion. She has participated in planning design competitions and has published theoretical considerations and experiences in international scientific publications. She has experience coordinating interdisciplinary groups in academic and professional contexts.

Prof. Alessandra Casu | Academic Board

alessandra casuAssociate Professor of Urban Design Studio and Urban Sustainability at the University of Sassari, and Board member of the international PhD in "Architecture and Environment". She has collaborated with several research programmes, implemented by CRESME, Universities of Cagliariand Sassari, CRS4, Venice University Institute of Architecture, and was researcher consultant for several Governmental bodies. She has been supervisor of several degree, Master, and PhD theses in Engineering at Cagliari, Rural Planning at Sassari, Architecture and Planning at Venice, Madrid, Barcelona, Sassari-Alghero, and collaborated to research and teaching activities at the Schools of Engineering in Cagliari, Architecture in Sassari-Alghero, Planning and Architecture in Venice. She co-ordinated the UniGIS programme and taught at the Venice University Institute of Architecture (degree and Master in GIS) and in the degree course of Rural Planning at the University of Sassari. She was visiting scholar at the Tianjin University and also taught in seminars, masters, conferences and lessons in Europe and Asia.

Prof. Tanja Congiu

tanja congiuAssistant Professor of Transports at the Department of Architecture Design and Urbanism, University of Sassari.  Research activity in the field of urban mobility and transports with a particular concern for the reciprocal influence between transportation and land use in urban development processes and for the improvement of quality of life. She is interested in the interactions between built environment configuration, transport policies and trends in travel behavior. Most recent studies deal with methods and tools to measure, assess and enhance urban walkability intended as one central quality in the design of a more sustainable and equitable cities. Consultant for local authorities in transport planning at different spatial levels.

Prof. Marco Dettori

marco dettoriBiologist specialized in Microbiology and Virology at the University of Sassari. During the 2005-2006 academic year, he completed his training by attending the course of Hygiene, Architecture, Construction and Engineering of healthcare facilities, Faculty of Medicine Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Rome. From May 2006 he serves as assistant professor at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Sassari for SSD MED/42 "General and Applied Hygiene". From May 2009 he was appointed senior researcher at the SSD MED/42 "General and Applied Hygiene" of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Sassari. The research is documented by scientific publications in national and foreign books and magazines, as well as national communications conferences in the fields of epidemiology and prevention of infectious diseases, environmental hygiene (in particular studying the quality of mineral waters, marine and those distributed for drinking water purposes in the territory of Northern Sardinia, and indoor air quality and the sustainable technologies for environmental hygiene and construction) and health education.

Prof. Gianfranco Sanna

gianfranco_sannaDegree in Architecture obtained at the Venice IUAV, supervisor Alvaro Siza. Currently Researcher in Architectural Design (ICAR 14) and lecturer in Architectural Design for the degree courses in Architecture and Territorial, Urban and Environmental Planning. He is a supervisor and co-supervisor for degree theses on architectural design and territorial planning. Since 2002 he has participated both as lecturer and tutor at the International Summer Schools on Environmental Design and Territorial Planning. He has participated as designer in various exhibitions and congresses including: the 10th Architecture Biennial in Venice, the IUAV “14-02” Meetings for Italian Architecture, National Exhibition and International Conference 2005, the Triennial of Milan, Faculty of Architecture and Contemporary Architecture Society in Italy, “Conflicts”. He was invited by the Italian Episcopal Conference to participate in the fifth edition of the Pilot Projects Competition to create new churches.

Prof. Nicola Sechi

nicola sechiNicola Sechi is full Professor of Ecology at the Sassari University. He deals with issues related to aquatic and terrestrial ecology at the ecosystemic level.
In particular it deals with the following aspects:
- structure, density, biomass and productivity of phytoplankton in lakes, lagoons and costal sea,
- the concentration and dynamics of the main nutritional elements in relation to water eutrophication processes
- the estimate of the territorial loads of nutrients in lakes and lagoons ecosystems and the implications on the trophic level,
- the study and control of algae of freshwater and marine potentially toxic to human health
- spatial planning at watershed level to control and reduce the phosphorus and nitrogen load.

Prof. Stefan Tischer

stefan tischerLandscape Architect, Urban Designer, University Professor and Curator for landscape themed exhibitions and events. With his professional practice in Germany, Canada and Italy, Stefan specialized in landscape architectural design, urban and landscape masterplans, LandArt, memorials and public-private space worldwide. Tischer directed the School for Landscape Architecture in Montreal and has academic profile in teaching and research as professor for landscape architecture at University of Sassari (Architecture @ Alghero), and before at ENSP Versailles, University of Montreal, Art Academy Berlin Weissensee, IUAV Venice and Technical University TU Munich with worldwide lecturing and invited critique. He is president of LandWorks, a cultural foundation organizing LandArt events and exhibitions in the mediterranean area with a worldwide network. He also is fellow of the Chair UNESCO of Landscape and Environment CUPEUM. His work is internationally rewarded, f.e. with the Belmont Prize for outstanding work in the field of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design.


Prof. Àngel Cebollada Frontera | Academic Board

ANGEL_CEBOLLADALecturer, coordinator of PPCEL at UAB university.

Main research areas: Mobility and Transport, and mainly:· Studying of vulnerable groups of mobility (pedestrians, bicycles...)· Road safety in urban areas· Risk of social exclusion resulting from the mobility model based on the car· Relationship between urban sprawl and modal distribution· Daily mobility agents· Mobility in border areas

Prof. David Saurí Pujol | Academic Board

sauriProfessor and  main researcher of GRATS  Main research areas: Research on water resources in urban and tourism; Urban environmental history; Natural and technological risks; Impacts of climate change in the Mediterranean

Prof. Antònia Casellas

antoniaInterim Associate Professor

Main research areas: Environmental challenges and socio-economic and spatial restructuring; Ecological responsibility and economic viability; Citizenship, politics and grassroots movements; Urban and regional Planning.

Prof. Francesc Muñoz Ramírez

munozLecturer and main researcher of Observatori de la Urbanització.

Main research areas: Dispersion of urbanization; Urban and metropolitan dynamics; Landscape; Evaluation and management of territorial policies.

Prof. Oriol Nel·lo Colom

nelloLecturer and main researcher of GURB.

Main research areas: Territorial dynamics and metropolitanization processes; Public policies of spatial planning, land management, urban rehabilitation and landscape;

Prof. Pere Serra Ruiz

Pere_SerraInterim Associate Professor

Main research areas: New methods of classification of satellite images; Thematic spatial accuracies; Post classification comparisons of analysis using GIS; Combination of raster and vector models; Landscape dynamics.


Prof. Pedro J. D. P. Rodrigues | Academic Board

23139_100000706698588_9282_n-copy1Assistant professor at the Ulisboa Architecture faculty of Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, architect, holds a PhD in Architecture. Since 1996, is founder and owner of the company : Pedro Rodrigues - Arquitectura Global. From 1996 untill now is a professor at the Faculdade de Arquitectura (FA – ULisboa). Since 2007 to 2009: was adviser of the Scientific Council of FAUTL (worship signed by the plenary of the Scientific Council in 07.05.08). From 2003 to 2007 was at House of Representative member in FAUTL, as a member of the revision committee of the statute of FAUTL; as a Coordinator of the Integrated Master in Architecture (specialization in Urban Management 2008/2009); as a Co-coordinator and scientific representative in FAUTL – European Master “Master  in Planning&Policies for cities, environment and landscape”.

Prof. Luís Carvalho

Professor of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon, holds a PhD in Urban Planning, by the Technical University of Lisbon (TUL). 2000, Master in Regional and Urban Planning by TUL. 1991, Licensed in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of TUL. Since 2001 he was Guest Assistant between 2001 and 2013 and as Assistant Professor since 2013; member of the Department of Urbanism and Design Architecture Project. Since 1990 he has been participating in dozens of studies, and projects with special focus on the areas of urban design and land management. Since 2011, it has collaborated in the "Summer at the University" initiative that allows the link between Higher Education and secondary school students
Between 2014 and 2016 he was responsible for collaboration protocols between the Faculty of Architecture and several private entities for the development of urban rehabilitation studies (Faro and Vila Franca de Xira) and studies of metropolitan planning (Maputo, Mozambique).

Prof. João Rafael Santos

Assistant Professor of architectural, urbanism and urban design at the Faculty of Architecture, Universidade de Lisboa (Master and PhD levels), architect holds a
Degree in Architecture (2002), MSc in Urban and Environmental Regeneration (2005), 
PhD in Urbanism (Faculty of Architecture, TU Lisbon, 2012).
Post-doctoral scholarship (AUSMIP Plus Programme) at The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, Prof. Ohno Hidetoshi Laboratory, 2013/2014
Member of CIAUD - Research Centre for Architecture, Urban Planning and Design. Research interests include urban design and planning, especially in the field of metropolitan studies with a focus on the relationship of infrastructure with public space and socio-spatial development. Published papers in peer-reviewed journals and regular presentations at international conferences, namely ACSP, AESOP, CEIT, EURA, GSAPP/Columbia University, IFoU, IHPS and ISUF.
Researcher at several international funded research projects. Coordinator of AdaptPolis research project at FA:
Jury, Supervisor and Co-supervisor of several PhD and Final Master Theses. Organization and tutorship in international urban design workshops in Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra, Gdansk, Weimar, London and Hamburg.
Has been awarded the Metrópoles Ciência 2016 Prize, by his research on Lisbon Metropolitan Area, the TU Lisbon’s/Caixa Geral de Depósitos Junior Researchers Prize in 2011, the Honorable Mention for TU Lisbon’s/Caixa Geral de Depósitos Junior Researchers Prize in 2010, and the Europan Europe First Prize in 2006 (as co-author).

Prof. Isabel Raposo

Associate professor and architect-urbanist, at the Faculdade de Arquitectura of the Universidade de Lisboa (FAUL) teaching there since 2002. She completed his Master (in 1986) and his PhD (in 1999) in Urbanisme et Aménagement, in the Université de Paris XII, the doctorate being recognized (in 2003) by the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (UTL) and she did postdoctoral studies in the framework of the Centro de Estudos sobre África (ISEG – UTL). In the 80’s, she worked seven years in Mozambique at the National Directorate of Housing and National Institute of Physical Planning where she was the responsible and then director of the Training Center for basic and medium technical on Physical Planning and promote research and action concerning villages and suburban neighborhoods. In the 1990s she was a consultant for the InLoco Development Association and the Loulé City Council. Between 2007 and 2012 in the Faculdade de Arquitectura she was coordinator at the UTL of the Erasmus Mundus Master in Urban Studies on Mediterranean Regions (EURMED). Since 2007 she has been coordinator of Gestual, a CIAUD / FAUL Socio-Territorial and Urban Studies and Local Action Group, and has directed several MSc and PhD students on urban and housing transformation, especially in suburban areas in Portugal, Mozambique, Angola and Brazil. In this frame she supported and discussed in the university the issue of the Right to the City and has coordinated local action and university extension work in several peri-urban and self-produced neighbouhoods. Since the 80’s she coordinated and participated in several research projects on Lusophone Africa as well as on Portugal, some of them funded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia and municipalities. She has several articles and books published on urban poverty reduction, on the rehabilitation of historic urban center and on the transformation of popular housing in rural and (sub)urban areas, and on rural and peri-urban urbanization and planning.

Prof. Sergio dos Santos Barreiros Proenca

Professor, Architect, Urban and Territorial Planner at the Faculty of Architecture - Technical University of Lisbon, where he completed a Master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary Architectural Culture in 2007 with the dissertation "Colonial Urban Planning in the Eastern Provinces. Continuity and Change in the elaboration of Urban Plans in the State of Índia, Macao and Timor, 1934 - 1974."
PhD in Urbanism since 2014 with the thesis "The Diversity of the Street in the city of Lisbon. Morphology and Morphogenesis.", funded by a PhD grant from the Foundation for Science and Technology (SFRH/BD/44847/2008) and winner of the José Lamas award of the same year for the best PhD thesis in Urbanism of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon.
He teaches in the Department of project in the scientific area of Urbanism of the Faculty of Architecture - University of Lisbon, since 2000, and he is part of the Forma Urbis Lab (, a research team on the theme of Urban Morphology. He has been invited to give lectures in other institutions such as the Academie van Bouwkunst, Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten or the École Supérieur d'Architecture de Paris - La Villette.
Participates in seminars and regularly publishes articles on the topic of urban morphology and morphogenesis, and his academic activity and the works in which he participated were recognized by different awards among which are: Prémio Jose de Figueiredo 2008, awarded by the National Academy of Fine Arts, the International Prize Ignazi de Lecea 2007/2008, awarded by the Public Art and Urban Design Observatory of the University of Barcelona, and the Prémio Jovens Investigadores (Young Researchers) UTL/CGD in the area of Architecture (Architecture, Design, Fashion Design, Landscape Architecture, Urbanism and Urban Planning) awarded by the Technical University of Lisbon in 2008.
Developed professional activity as an architect and urban planner, where he participated in the development of several urban plans and architectural projects.

Prof. Francisco Serdoura

Assistant Professor at the Faculdade de Arquitectura, Universidade de Lisboa |FAUL|, Department of Architecture, Urbanism and Design. He received his PhD degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the Technical University of Lisbon (UTL), at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), in 2006.
He coordinates the team of Urban and Environmental Dynamics, as part of the Design & Computing Group, Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design (CIAUD).
He is also responsible for the Space Syntax subject integrated in the Advanced Studies on Computation for Architecture, Urbanism and Design. He also teaches the Space Syntax subject on the doctoral course of Architecture and on the doctoral course of Urbanism. Since 2012, he is teaching the subjects Urbanism I and Urbanism II (3rd year).
In 2011, he was awarded Ex æquo the prize UTL | Santander Totta, for research activities in the scientific field of Architecture and Urban Planning, Faculdade de Arquitectura, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa.
His current research interests are related to the following topics: (1) spatial analysis, (2) use of public space, (3) space syntax, (4) societal and environmental analysis, (5) tourism development, (6) Place Branding.

Prof. Filipa Serpa

Professor Assistant in the Project Department, in Urbanism scientific area. Architect, with an Architecture and Urban Planning Degree (FA-UTL, 2000) with specialization in Urban and Environmental Regeneration (FA-UTL, 2002) and PhD in Urbanism (FA-UL, 2015), addressing the public housing promotion projects in Lisbon.
Collaborates with the Faculty of Architecture of University of Lisbon since 2000.
In 2010 and in 2011 has received a Honourable Mention in Young Researchers Award, promoted by UTL / CGD, in the field of Architecture / Urban Planning and in 2016 a Merit Award for the best PhD Tesis on Urbansim for 2014/2015 academic year promoted by University of Lisbon.