Faculdade de Arquitetura · Universidade de Lisboa

facThe Faculty of Architecture (FA) offers courses leading to the award of the Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees in Architecture, Urbanism and Design. It also offers non-degree courses which provide further training for professionals who wish to extend their knowledge. This broad training offer makes the FA the largest and most diversified school in the country in its specialist areas, with an intake of approximately 3,000 students. In addition, it is the oldest school in Portugal, with a history dating back to the 16th century.

On all the courses, Studio Design is seen as core discipline, drawing on other subject areas. The main feature is the training offered through design studio project work in the 1st and 2nd cycles, in which the knowledge acquired in all subject areas is applied to the design of a broad range of possible objects, from small-scale to territorial. The FA is also investing in training professionals who can work in Portuguese society and abroad, helping to increase its potential for innovation, competitiveness and exports. For this reason, special emphasis is placed on the development of final projects and dissertations produced in collaboration with external entities.

The School provides professional training for architects, urban planners and designers and is recognised in the field of specialist interdisciplinary research. The Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design (CIAUD) promotes the advancement of scientific, technological and artistic knowledge with the main objective of creating a critical body of work and foster interaction between the various scientific areas of the FA/ULisboa, providing a framework for cutting-edge teaching whilst also contributing towards economic and social development.