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The Alghero School of Architecture was founded in 2002 as the first faculty of architecture in Sardinia, offering high-quality teaching, international researches and a good quality of life.

The teaching activities at the Department often benefit from the results of research activities, and in turn our research activities are often inspired by issues encountered during teaching activities, both often aimed at addressing environmental and urban contemporary challenges.

The courses taught at the Department cover the design dimension at all scales. They are based on design laboratories lasting for four months, and organised according to a learning-by-doing process.

The Master’s modules in Alghero are project-oriented, enabling students to directly apply what they have learned in the theory sections of the course. The aim is to improve a preparation for professional work; this gives rise to many opportunities for reflecting together as well as for collaboration in the identification of themes in which contributions from various scientific fields may be integrated.

The teaching model of The Master Course in Planning and Policies for Cities, Environment and Landscape, is interdisciplinary in several ways. It focus mainly on issue of landscape, regional, and environmental planning, but also on issues of urban design, and social innovations and assessment processes.